Harvard GSCF Groups

Check with the people and sites below to find out about Christian Fellowship activities at Harvard's Graduate Schools:


The website for all the Harvard fellowships is: http://www.hgscf.org

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Zhi Teoh: zhiernteoh@gmail.com
Drew Wong: andrewwong@g.harvard.edu
Pete Williamson: pete.williamson@intervarsity.org

Harvard Business School
Lauren Liutong Li: lli@mba2016.hbs.edu
Michael White: mwhite@mba2016.hbs.edu


Graduate School of Design
Rex Tzen: tzen.yu.long@gmail.com

Harvard Divinity School
Diana Ortiz: diana_ortiz@mail.harvard.edu
Pete Williamson: pete.williamson@intervarsity.org

Graduate School of Education
Pete Williamson: pete.williamson@intervarsity.org

Harvard Kennedy School
Tracey Lam: Tracey_Lam@hks16.harvard.edu
Zak Ostertag: Zak_Ostertag@hks16.harvard.edu

Harvard Law School
Gregory Escobar: gescobar@jd17.law.harvard.edu
Cam Nunery: cnunery@jd16.law.harvard.edu
Christian Williams: scwilliams@jd17.law.harvard.edu
Pete Williamson: pete.williamson@intervarsity.org

Black Graduate Ministries
Rocklyn Clarke: pastor.rocklyn@lifechurchministries.org
Eva Clarke: pastor.eva@lifechurchboston.org


Harvard Medical School / Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Kyle Burton: kylerenardburton@gmail.com
Stephanie Choi: stephchoi91@gmail.com
Otana Jakpor: otanajakpor@gmail.com
Xiaoli Mi: xiaolimi@gmail.com
Kelsey Natsuhara: kelseynatsuhara@gmail.com
Kwadwo Owusu-Boaitey: kboaitey1@gmail.com
Joseph Charles Sedlak: joseph_sedlak@hms.harvard.edu
Jiunn Song: jiunnsong@gmail.com
Suan Tuang: suanliantuang@gmail.com
Danny Wong: wong.danny.2014@gmail.com
Nathan Nakatsuka: 08nanaka@gmail.com

Harvard School of Public Health
Kassie Dantzler: kdantzler@fas.harvard.edu
Yared Gurmu: ygurmu@gmail.com

The Longwood Christian Community
LCC is an intentional community of faith composed of students, researchers, residents, faculty, and friends living out the gospel in Harvardís medical community. The community also sponsors the Institute of Faith and Medicine.
For More information: info@LCCBoston.org

Boston Healthcare Fellowship
The Boston Healthcare Fellowship serves the Christian health community in Boston providing fellowship, education and mentorship for those training in diverse fields such as clinical medicine, public health, nursing, research, dentistry, & physical therapy.
Mason Lancaster: bostonhealthcarefellowship@gmail.com




Last updated: 12 August 2015