Staff Team

The following staff work with the HGSCF and individual school fellowships:

Local Churches

HGSCF members worship and serve in a variety of local congregations. Feel free to contact the students or staff listed for more information:

- Park Street Church
     (Tim Leary)

- Cambridge Vineyard
     (Kathy Tuan MacLean)

     (Denise Rosetti)

- Pentecostal Tabernacle
     (Jeff Barneson)

- Alethia
     (Anna Clauss)

- Cambridgeport Baptist

- Church of the Cross
     (Pete Williamson)

- Christ the King Presbyterian
     (Kavita Mathews)

- Highrock
     (Mickey Sanchez)

- Hope Fellowship
     (Jeremy Doran)

- Leon de Judah

- Life Church
     (Rocklyn Clarke)

- Newton Presbyterian Church
     (Kevin Ford)

- Ruggles Baptist Church

- City Life Church


The Harvard Graduate School Christian Fellowship (HGSCF) is a University-wide community of Harvard students, faculty, staff and friends who are fascinated with Jesus and are curious about what his life and teaching mean for us, for our study in the University and our work in the world.

The HGSCF is sponsored by InterVarsity's Graduate & Faculty Ministries and is affiliated with The Harvard Chaplains. We also work alongside ministries on many Boston campuses: visit our Boston-wide grad ministry.

Schools and Calendars

The HGSCF includes fellowships at most of Harvard's graduate schools. Here's a full listing of fellowships and contact people. If you prefer, you can go direct to each fellowship's website:

Most of these fellowships have their own regular meetings and other activities -- follow the links above for details or check out the scrolling agenda below or the Common Calendar.


Check out our Common Calendar for the latest information on activities at each of the graduate schools.

Listen to Pete’s Talk from the
First Friday Gathering…

The Story of the Good News of the God Who Sets Us Free

New Orleans Urban Trek
Spring Break 2016
On August 29, 2005, the levees failed and most of the city of New Orleans was flooded. Over 1,500 people died and 100,000+ homes were destroyed - families, businesses, schools, congregations, lives were swept away. The disaster a decade ago focused the eyes of the world on the profound and persistent problems faced by the poor in New Orleans.

This March we’re heading down to New Orleans again (our 8th time) to join Castlerock Community Church /Urban Impact as they serve their neighborhood - community outreach, cleanup and work with youth. Besides just having a blast, our work places us in the middle of a diverse faith community - discussing complex issues they face in their city, and exploring what it means to for us to pursue justice and love mercy with our own lives. This week could change your life!

Dates:   March 12-19
Registration Deadline: February 10
Cost:   $375 plus plane fare
Details & Registration: Click Here

Saturday, Jan 30, 12:30 pm, Phillips Brooks House 3rd Floor, Bettens Room, Harvard Yard

Questions: Jeff

Connect with the Graduate
Christian Community - Singing,
Prayer and Teaching
Friday, Feb 5, 8 pm
Phillips Brooks House, Harvard Yard
Each month we gather on the First-Friday to honor God with worship, prayer and teaching from the Bible. If you’re new to this community, this is great way to get connected. If you’re curious but cautious - or even skeptical - we hope you’ll come and visit. Everyone is welcome and we frequently head out afterward for food and refreshments in the Square. Worship begins at 8 pm. Write to Jeff Barneson for more information.
Here's a map

Soul & Mind
Saturdays, 11 am
Phillips Brooks House,
Third Floor, Bettens Room
Harvard Yard

The Society for the Two Tasks (S2T) was founded in 2004 and meets each Saturday during the school year in Harvard Yard in the Philips Brooks House. The name of the group comes from a speech given by Charles Malik in 1980 at Wheaton College, where he argued that the church had two tasks set before it, saving the soul and saving the mind, and that it had largely failed in the latter. This group strives to address the task of saving the mind by engaging in study and discussion of a wide variety of topics relating to Scripture, apologetics, historic theology, world religions, secular critiques of Christianity, and the claims of Jesus. Our meetings are open to everyone. Write to Finny Kuruvilla for updates on the weekly question or to be added to the email list.

Mon-Fri, 8 am, Pusey Room
Memorial Church, Harvard Yard
Here’s a map

We are resuming on Monday, 8/17 and continue to pray for our University. We meet most days in the Pusey Room (but sometimes we have to move). Keep up at the Facebook Group, or write to Pete Williamson for more information.

Conference for MBA Students
and Marketplace Practitioners
February 19-20, 2016
New York
The Believers in Business Conference, in its tenth year, seeks to gather MBA students from across the country to network, fellowship, and learn from relevant leaders on discerning vocational calling and living out Christian faith in the marketplace. Through dynamic teaching, interactive discussions, and engaging dialogue, we will talk about business challenges - whether particular to an industry or more generally as part of life in the marketplace and how to respond faithfully. Sponsored by Yale School of Management Christian Fellowship and InterVarsity MBA Ministries.
Click to find out more or register


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